who we are
David Harrison and Peri Eagleton have farmed
olives on their smallholding in SEGGIANO® since 1985, began selling their SEGGIANO® extra virgin oil
in 1994 and went on to find producers of
the best Italian foods available.

the seggiano mission 
It is our quest to supply the most delicious,
genuine and naturally produced Italian regional specialities, from Piemonte to Sicily. 

When we say handmade, we really mean handmade. Our many artisanal producers prepare fresh, small
batches of their best products exclusively for SEGGIANO®. Current harvest and freshly prepared; SEGGIANO® foods not only taste fantastic but are
also made without the use of preservatives
or industrial processing. 

We believe in accountability and have an active
GM and quality assurance evaluation programme.

Peregrine Trading Ltd. 0044 (0)207 272 5588 info@seggiano.com
Photos by Colin McPherson and Marco Garofano