The Calabrian fig ball A team

The Seggiano Fig Ball comes from Cosenza, Calabria, in southern Italy. It is a delicious and traditionally ingenious way of preserving the juicy dottato variety of figs, which have tender skins, soft seeds and are unique to this region. The figs are picked when plump and air-dried under nets before cooking for eighteen hours at a very low temperature. By this time they are sticky with caramelised fig juices. Shaped into balls and wrapped in fig leaves which have been cleaned, dried and steamed, they are then oven baked at a low temperature for another two hours.

Sometimes you will find that the ripe, dark fig juices have seeped out and marked the leaves; this is a sign of a healthy, juicy fig ball!

Seggiano Baked Fig Balls

Slow-baked Calabrian fig balls!
These delectable fig balls completely transform a cheese board, add interest to cold cuts of meat and also combine perfectly with ice cream.

baked juicy dottato figs
from Cosenza  250g